The Healthy Mind Toolkit

This took longer than anticipated to finish. Sleep was not my friend this past week, so I wasn’t in the head space to do much self development work. With that said, I loved reading this book.

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I thought I’d fly through it, hoping to pick up a few pointers to apply to my life. This is not a book like that. In the intro the author recommends having a notepad to work though the experiments to get the most out of the book. So I did.

In the beginning you pick one behavior that you’d like to change. I picked “Tend to dictate that others fit in with your terms, schedule and preferences”. Then the work begins. You determine how this behavior affects those around you and how someone would behave if they didn’t have this tendency.

Did the work and have been implementing this into my life. Damn if this stuff doesn’t work. My boyfriend even noticed and commented on how I wasn’t as argumentative. So that’s a huge plus! Was only on Chapter 3 and he noticed a difference.

The book then goes into explanations about why people do what they do. My self-sabotaging behavior is intermittently reinforced. I don’t change because sometimes I win and when I lose I blame others instead of recognizing that I’m creating the problem with my behavior. Sounds so simple, why didn’t I see that before! She also talks about knowing and doing what to do to fix the behavior.

Other topics covered are self care, decision fatigue, overcoming procrastination and avoidance, and solving sabotaging behaviors in relationships.

If you desire to take a dive into yourself and your behaviors, I highly recommend this book. Grab a pen and a notepad and do the experiments. They are valuable.

Hope y’all have a freaking amazing day! Until next time.

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